Meet Scott

Not your typical accountant.

With over three decades of experience in the financial and accounting industry, Scott has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals and businesses.  Scott is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Planner.  A CTP is a tax professional with specialized training in proactive tax planning to find deductions, credits and develop strategies to help clients pay less tax.  He is a firm believer that it is not how much you earn, but how much you keep.  

Most tax professionals do a fine job putting the "right" numbers in the "right" boxes on the "right" forms, but it doesn’t matter how good your tax preparer is with a stack of receipts on April 15th.  The real secret to reducing your tax bill is planning.  With the complexities of today's tax laws, it is more critical than ever to develop a proactive tax plan that insures you are paying the legal minimum amount of taxes.  Our unique approach encourages our clients to have ongoing communications, so that we are available to help our clients make informed decisions.

Scott is committed to helping individuals and business owners transform the quality of their businesses and lives.  He believes in constant never ending improvement and that with knowledge, we have power.



The American Institute of Certified Tax Planners is an independent, not-for-profit corporation which trains and certifies tax professionals in the philosophy of proactive tax planning. The organization, which administers the Certified Tax Coach, Certified Tax Planner and Certified Tax Strategist designations, upholds a strict Code of Ethics to ensure the highest standards of integrity and excellence among its members. The organization also offers a network of resources, ongoing education, and joint venture opportunities to its members. Founded in 2009 in Cincinnati, OH, AICTP is the premier organization for helping business owners and investors keep more of what they earn.

The Due Diligence Project™ is an exclusive,open-source community of 500+ elite CPA firms, law firms and family offices who provide best-in-class resources and  Sophisticated Tax Planning Strategies.

Corvee provides tax, accounting and financial advising firms with the ability to make smarter tax decisions for their clients while growing and optimizing their firm. The company’s flagship product, Corvee Tax Planning software, quickly and efficiently provides firms a sophisticated tool to formulate a tax savings calculation, develop a proactive and strategic tax plan and streamline client collaboration.  


Certified Public Accountant, Pennsylvania

Certified Tax Planner, American Institute of Certified Tax Planners

1989, Bachelor of Science, Delaware Valley College
Major: Business Administration 
Specialization: Accounting

1987, Associates of Arts, University of Florida
Major: Real Estate & Building Construction